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Top 5 Video Games for PlayStation 5

More than ever, video games are a big part of the culture. They have essentially permeated every aspect of our lives in the last few years, from streaming to watching Let’s Play videos on YouTube to gathering with friends and family to play video games after work or school.

We now have access to new video games almost constantly thanks to the success of the PlayStation 5, inexpensive mobile devices, and internet connections.

However, as technology advances at an accelerating rate, game designers must put in more effort than ever to create video games that not only stand out from the competition but also provide something fresh and exciting for players who are already getting sick of the same old formulas. With a wide variety of games to choose from, not to mention virtual reality and augmented reality.


Here are the Top 5 Video Games for PlayStation 5

Which video games from the current generation will be worthwhile to play and still be relevant in the future is an open question. However, some game types and genres are more likely to endure in popularity because of their replayability. Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves, Rainbow 6 Extraction, Elden Ring, Horizon Forbidden West, and Sifu are the top 5 video games to play in 2022.

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves (PlayStation 5) UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection - PlayStation 5

To coincide with the mediocre Uncharted film adaptation, a collection of Naughty Dog’s PS4 Uncharted games was made available. Naughty Dog’s decision to rerelease its back catalog came as no surprise, but The Legacy of Thieves on the swanky PlayStation 5 is worth a look if you missed Uncharted 4 or The Lost Legacy the first time around in 2016 or 2017.

Nathan Drake is portrayed in the Uncharted games as a wild man-child who gets irascible when he doesn’t get his way, but in the fourth and final game in the franchise’s story, he is for the first time held accountable for his selfishness. It is additionally among the top action games of the previous ten years.) Naughty Dog experimented with an open-world framework in The Lost Legacy, and I’m still eager to see what they’ll come up with next. It’ll probably be a while before we see another Uncharted game, which is probably for the best.


Rainbow 6 Extraction (PlayStation 5)

Rainbow 6: Extraction is a comprehensive expansion pack. Rainbow Six Siege’s weapons and characters are reincarnated in this first-person shooter, but the squad-based multiplayer is replaced by a macabre horror movie set in an awful, visceral alien apocalypse.

Oozing pustules, curled zombies, and infectious filth like John Carpenter’s vandalize sterile hallways and corporate antechambers. For instance, in The Thing, you and your companions might work with SWAT teams to complete three missions before the horde catches up to you. Extraction surprised me because it exceeded my low expectations by providing the macabre, nerve-wracking thrills of a great XCOM high-stakes mission.

Have you left one of your allies behind in the chaos? If you don’t prepare yourself to save them from the parasites the next time you enter, they’ll suffer a severe progression penalty. This is accessible through PlayStation Plus on the PlayStation 5 gaming system.

Elden Ring (PlayStation 5)

Buy Elden Ring

The creator, From Software, is responsible for some of the best action games ever made for a single player. He has spent the last ten years creating some of the most fascinating single-player action games.

We were set free into a bustling underworld of secrets, Easter eggs, and diverging paths in a variety of fantastical universes by games like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro. From Software throws out its conservative linearity in every direction with Elden Ring, its most audacious project to date. The mythic and soul-eastern grandeur of From Software extends in all directions.

The atlas is completely covered in original stories, omitting the repetitive simulacra that bog down most Assassin’s Creed adventures. It’s a fantastic game that marks a turning point in the field of environmental design. This is currently available on PlayStation Plus for the PlayStation 5 console.



The Tarnished meet a maiden called Melina early in their quest to rebuild the Elden Ring. Melina offers to function as the Tarnished’s maiden, providing them with the power to transmute runes into strength and gifting the Tarnished her stallion, Torrent. She agrees to comply on the condition that the Tarnish transports her to the Erdtree, the location of the Elden Ring. Melina subsequently transports the tarnished to the Roundtable Hold, a gathering place for other tarnished in search of a way to restore the Elden Ring. The Two Fingers, the Hold’s benefactor, instructs the Tarnished to gather the Great Runes and deliver them to Eritrea, where they can be utilized to restore the Elden Ring.


The Tarnished continues his voyage through the Lands Between, exploring its different locations and conquering the demigods. The Tarnished eventually recover enough Great Runes to fight Morgoth the Grace-Given, the demigod defending the Erdtree, with the Two Fingers. As he dies, Morgott declares that the Erdtree will not let anybody enter it, thus rendering the Elden Ring irreparable.

When the tarnished reach the Erdtree, they find the inside obstructed by a wall of thorns. Melina then appears and urges them to travel to obtain the Flame of Ruin, which they may use to set fire to Eritrea and burn away the thorns. The Tarnished are thus free to pursue the Flame of Ruin or seek a method to harness the equally potent Frenzied Flame.


If the Tarnished did not obtain the Frenzied Flame’s power, Melina would take the Flame of Ruin and kill herself to set fire to Eritrea. If the Tarnished get control of the Frenzied Flame, Melina will forsake them, compelling them to use the Frenzied Flame to set fire to Eritrea. Regardless, while the Erdtree burns, the tarnished are brought to the shattered city of Farum Azula. The tarnished are returned to the foot of the burnt Erdtree after fighting Maliketh the Black Blade and using his Rune of Death to feed the fire.

Inside, they battle the reanimated corpses of Queen Marika’s consort, Radagon, as well as the Elden Beast, the tree’s protector. After both are defeated, the Tarnished obtain access to Marika’s fragmented body, which holds the Elden Ring’s remnants. Six potential endings are possible based on the Tarnished’s choices during the game, ranging from the Tarnished becoming the Elden Lord to letting Ranni the Witch destroy the Elden Ring or using the Frenzied Flame to destroy the Lands Between.



Elden Ring is an action role-playing game played in the third person, with a focus on combat and exploration; it contains elements similar to those found in other From Software games such as the Dark Souls series, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Set in an open world, players can freely explore the Lands Between and its six primary zones, which vary from Limgrave, which has green fields and old ruins, to Caelid, a wasteland teeming with undead monsters.

Exploration of open-world locations is possible via riding the character’s horse, Torrent, as the primary form of mobility, as well as the ability to quickly travel outside of battle. Throughout the game, players will come across both non-player characters (NPCs) and foes, including the demigods.

Exploration of open-world locations is possible via riding the character’s horse, Torrent, as the primary form of mobility, as well as the ability to quickly travel outside of battle. Throughout the game, players will face both NPCs and adversaries, including the demigods who control each main location and serve as the game’s primary bosses.

Aside from open-world areas, Elden Ring also features hidden dungeons, such as catacombs, tunnels, and caves where players can fight bosses and gather helpful items


Horizon Forbidden West

Considering the Horizon series’ setting is a perplexing idea. You live in a Neolithic America populated by cybernetic dinosaurs as a prehistoric cavewoman. As you fight them, you’ll defend yourself with a spear made of serrated silicon chips. As you move through underground ruins, you’ll see abandoned laboratories that seem to be the creation of a more recent human race.

The first game, which came out in 2017, did a remarkable job of tying all of these crazy plotlines together, and Forbidden West continues that tradition. This open-world adventure’s best gameplay moments involve slaying one of those titanium-plated T. Rexes, but the narrative will keep you playing as it painstakingly reveals more secrets buried in this post-post-apocalyptic world. Do people deserve a second chance? That question remains constant over time. This is accessible through PlayStation Plus on the PlayStation 5 gaming system.


Plot Summary

Aloy has been searching fruitlessly for a working backup of GAIA (Lesley Ewen) to restore the planet’s rapidly degrading biosphere. She is interrupted by a group of futuristic humans, who take a second GAIA backup while Aloy barely escapes. Aloy and Beta learn that the Far Zenith colony was destroyed by Nemesis, a failed mind-uploading experiment they created. Nemesis also sent the extinction signal to Earth and is en route to destroying the planet. Tilda tries to force Aloy to abandon Earth with her, but Aloy refuses.



Horizon Forbidden West is an action role-playing game played in the third person. The player takes control of Aloy, a hunter in a world filled with violent, animalistic robots. She explores the mysterious frontier known as the Forbidden West, a post-apocalyptic version of the Western United States, especially the states of California, Nevada, and Utah, in an open world.

The map has grown in size since the last game.

New underwater exploration and traversal enhancements using the Valor Surge system, freeform climbing, and gadgets like the Shield-wing, Focus Scanner, Diving Mask, and Pull caster boost exploration. With attractive incentive mechanisms, the quest mission structure better supports variation in objectives.



Sifu- Top Games for PlayStation 5

There won’t be a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game released any time soon, and the beat ‘me up genre is no longer relevant if you still want to spend quarters on the Simpsons arcade game at your neighborhood Six Flags. Out of this void, Sifu was developed, bringing back one of the most fundamental video game pleasures: punching a bunch of guys in a dive bar.

Its seven-hour running time consists of nothing but a warmed-over collection of Kung Fu tropes. (Angry men want to kill you; don’t have mercy on them.) But it doesn’t matter because it still feels good to kick and punch some random guy who is leaning against a pool table. For those who enjoy getting lost in a combat system, Sifu is almost as good as heaven on earth.



Note: The player chooses the gender of the main character, who has no name. Let’s pretend he’s a man named Lee.

The game takes place in modern-day China. On a rainy night, Yang, a disgruntled martial arts student, launches an attack on his previous school with four other martial artists.

  • “The Botanist,” Fajar. He’s a nasty middle-aged man with a machete who never speaks.
  • “The Fighter” Sean He’s an arrogant young man with a bo staff who thinks the school’s martial artists are weak.
  • “The Artist” Kuroki She’s a young Japanese woman with a three-section bladed stick.
  • “The CEO,” Jinfeng. She’s an old Chinese woman with only one arm. She is armed with a rope dart, the non-lethal end of which is hooked to her right arm socket.

Yang encounters the school’s Sifu (his previous master), who is battling Kuroki and Jinfeng after killing the pupils with Fajar and Sean. The Sifu resists him, but Yang eventually hits him in the chest, triggering a fatal heart attack.

Yang discovers the Sifu’s sole kid (Lee) hiding nearby after looking through the Sifu’s things and tells Fajar to cut his throat. Lee subsequently awakens to discover that his neck has been cured, owing to the power of an ancient talisman in his palm (the talisman can revive dead people, but they grow older with each revival). Lee spends the next eight years living in solitude, practicing furiously and accumulating information about his targets, vowing vengeance on Yang and his collaborators.

Lee, now a 20-year-old martial artist, begins his search for vengeance and identifies the targets:

  • Fajar. He now has chemokinesis and works for a drug trafficking organization. Lee uses his machete to sever Fajar’s throat.
  • Sean now possesses pyrokinesis and operates a martial arts school as well as an illegal underground combat club. Lee suffocates Sean with his bo staff.
  • Kuroki. She now makes superhuman illusions, has a dark self-inspired by ink who wields kunai, and operates an art gallery that serves as a cover for organized crime. Kuroki’s heart is stabbed with Lee’s kunai.
  • Jinfeng. She is now a wealthy but unscrupulous businesswoman who wields magical bells and a meteor hammer with a similar motif. Jinfeng is strangled to death by Lee’s meteor hammer.

Lee eventually approaches Yang in his refuge. Yang adds that the Sifu abandoned him when his loved ones were dying, prompting him to rebel against his old teacher. Following a tough battle, Lee finally strikes Yang in the chest, the same way he killed his father.

Lee (as his younger self) sees two graves in red light after murdering Yang. He discovers what happened to Yang in the past at that point. Yang attempted to take the talisman to save his wife and child. The Sifu said that he had lost his merit by breaking his promise. Yang was later dismissed from school.

The talisman returns Lee to the moment before he pursues Fajar, stating: “He/she who possesses Kung Fu and Wude [(morality)] informs the other that he/she is capable of breaking him. His/her fists flash like lightning, and the other refuses to fight any more “.

Lee pursues the five objectives once more. He can spare as many of them as he wants this time. He discovers that the talisman’s assertion regarding the five martial artists is correct. This also causes Lee to reevaluate his vengeance and emphasizes the significance of Wade. Depending on the player’s actions, the game offers two endings:

  • If Lee manages to kill any of the targets, the player will receive the original ending.
  • If Lee manages to avoid all of the targets,

His conflict with Yang continues from the other end, this time in the current world, into the graveyard. Lee dies from his injuries after sparing Yang (he couldn’t resuscitate him because Yang snatched the talisman from him earlier in the fight). However, since he followed Wude’s ideals, he eventually gained enlightenment.

In a post-credits scene, Lee, now a Sifu in his own right, is shown instructing new pupils at his father’s previous school. One of the talisman’s coins has worn away. (It’s highly indicated that when Lee died, Yang, apparently moved by his Wude, used the talisman to bring him back to life.)



Sifu is a third-person action beat ’em-up game. The game, which is based on Bak Mei Kung Fu, features over 150 different strikes. Basic offensive actions may be chained together, but some combinations may provide players with extra tactical changes, such as the ability to knock down or paralyze foes. The protagonist and all hostile opponent characters have a “structural gauge.” When the gauge is filled, the characters’ guards will break, making them open to finishing blows. Players may also block attacks, albeit doing so will progressively deplete their gauge. Players can also escape assaults or parry when an attacker is ready to strike. A good parry allows the player to shock the opponent.

When confronting a stronger opponent, the game allows players to take advantage of their surroundings and devise new assaults or change their tactics. The player can, for example, push an adversary off a cliff or use other objects as improvised weapons. The final adversary in a battle area may occasionally get into an uncontrollable frenzy, thus becoming a miniboss. Occasionally, the player may be offered speech choices that, depending on their choice of words, may allow them to escape fighting entirely.

When a player dies in the game, they are miraculously revived in the location of their death and aged many years. The player character’s blows become more powerful as they mature, but they lose health. It will eventually be impossible to resurrect, and the next death will terminate the game. Players will come across shrines, which will be used to heal and gain new talents.

In between stages, they can also visit the “wuguan,” a kung fu school, to hone their abilities. When the player character dies, his or her abilities are lost, but it is possible to permanently unlock improvements so that they are available at the start of each run. As the player completes more runs, they will gain access to the “detective board,” where the information gathered from previous runs will be stored, and secret areas and shortcuts may become available.



All things considered, the best video games to play in 2022 will be those that are fresh and exciting but also straightforward and playable for players of all ages and skill levels. Asking yourself if you’re excited about playing a video game right now is the best way to determine whether it will be worthwhile to play in five years.