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Maombi ya vyuo 2023/2024 | March Intake Opening date 2023

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Maombi ya vyuo 2023/2024 | March Intake Opening date 2023

Maombi ya vyuo 2023/2024, maombi ya vyuo vya afya 2023/2024, maombi ya vyuo vya afya 2023/24. You are probably wondering when the window for college admissions for the academic year 2023/24 will open? So don’t be afraid, here we will tell you everything about college applications for the academic year 2023/2024.

Maombi ya vyuo 2023/24

Maombi ya vyuo 2023/2024

As usual, many students looking for study opportunities in various colleges for professional development. As is the procedure for all years, students wait for the college application window to open so that they can send their applications to join middle colleges and high universities in the country.

In Tanzania, the National Council for Technical Education NACTVET together with the Tanzania Commission for Universities TCU manages the entire college application process. NACTVET manages the Middle Colleges but Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) manages the Universities,


The National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) is a corporate body established by the National Council for Technical Education Act, 1997 (Act No. 9 of 1997). The Act provides a legal framework for the Council to  coordinate provision of technical education and training and establish an efficient national qualifications system that will ensure that products from technical institutions are of high quality and respond to changing needs as well as technological innovations in the world.

Maombi ya kujiunga na vyuo 2023/2024

Maombi ya vyuo 203/24, Applications for colleges for the academic year 2023/24 include middle colleges and high universities in Tanzania. For middle colleges, the application window is opened in two phases, which are the March Intake window and the September Intake window.

The March Intake Window includes students who have completed form four and form six 2022 with Division one to four, while the September iIntake also includes all students who have finished form four 2022 and form six 2023 with division one to four.

Udahili March intake 2023/2024

March intake 2023/2024, The admission window for March intake is opened to give students who have passed the form in 2022 an opportunity to apply for furthering their careers at middle colleges managed by NACTVET.

NACTE always announces the admission schedule for the academic year that begins 2023/2024 where according to  schedules, the March Intake window will officially opening from February 20 2023

1st – 30th January, 2023

Updating Admission Guide Book for Technical Institutions offering Bachelor Degree Programmes for 2023/2024 Academic Year

TVETIs offering Degree Programmes

16th January, 2023

Inviting Interested Technical Institutions to Submit applications for March Intake 2023/2024


16th – 27th January, 2023

Submission of Applications for March Intake 2023/2024 for Interested Technical Institutions

TVETIs. (Rectors and Principals)

30th January –
10th February, 2023

Processing of Submitted Applications for March Intake 2023/2024


17th February, 2023

Feedback to Technical Institutions Applied for March Intake 2023/2024 Admission


20th February, 2023

Opening a window for March Intake, 2023/2024


20th February – 1th March, 2023

Receiving Applications from Applicants for March Intake 2023/2024

Allowed TVETIs and Applicants

6th – 17th March, 2023

Processing, Selection and Submission of Selected Applicants for March Intake 2023/2024


19th – 26th March, 2023

Verifications of Selected Applicants – March intake 2023/2024


26th March, 2023

Release of verification results through Institutional Panel


How to apply for Application into March Intake 2023/24

Maombi ya vyuo vya afya 2023/2024, The Application is done via NACTE online application (For health colleges) or through respective colleges. The NACTE online application System allows you to apply for Admission into Certificate and Diploma programmes for academic year 2023/2024.

  • In due course of application, you must have a VALID working email address; and mobile phone number.
  • Kindly select your most preferred Programme according to your qualifications.
  • You can select up to 12 institutions/programmes.
  • The Application Fees is Tshs.10,000/= per institution and maximum of Tshs.30,000/= for the rest of the choices (Non-refundable).
  • You will be issued a Control Number for the payment of the Application Fees.
  • The payment can be made through Mobile Money services or Bank.
  • Kindly read the Students Admission Guidebook for your Programme of interest’s specific
    entry qualifications/requirements before making any choice. Click here to view/download the Admission Guidebook