Jinsi ya Kuangalia salio N-Card 2023

In this article we have explained on how to Jinsi ya Kuangalia salio N-Card 2023 through M-PESA, AIRTEL MONEY, TIGO PESA, TTCL & HALOPESA.

The National Internet Data centre NIDC has the launched a payments methods through using card instead of Using ticket that make able users or passenger to scan their card and pass through different sector including Ferry or Sports activities.

This card know as N-CARD gives one comfort to transact with ease everywhere because you don’t need to purchase ticket in the stations, Now you can top up your N-CARD and Continue with you’re activities.

The Good New is now National Internet Data Centre Announced way of top up you’re N-CARD through mobile phone, You can check here how to top up N-CARD.

The government’s goal is to show how technology can revolutionize the day-to-day activities of people’s lives, that is why we came up with this card, and plans are underway to integrate this system with other payment systems in the country. Jinsi ya Kuangalia salio N-Card

N-Card is flexible, it can be used to make payments on all social services and anywhere, our cards have no limitations, unlike other available cards in the market.

Jinsi ya Kuangalia salio N-Card 2023

Only you can check Balance of N-CARD through Stations but not Mobile phone.

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