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Essex Mortgage Login Guide 2023

The steps to log in to Essex Mortgage will be presented in the article below. One of the most important financial responsibilities you have each month is making your mortgage payments. Your credit score will stay high if you make sure you make your Essex mortgage payments on time.

Essex Mortgage: What Is It?

Here is some information about Essex Mortgage that you should know.


In Orange County, California, Essex Mortgage was incorporated in 1986 as a private mortgage service provider. We are one of the largest mortgage banks on the West Coast and one of the fastest growing mortgage companies in the United States today. We take great pride in our position as a trusted and successful company that can provide a wide range of easily accessible home loans.

Our lending criteria attract the best customers and we sell our loans to the largest banks and government accredited institutions in the country (Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae). To meet the needs of most borrowers, we offer a wide range of conventional, FHA, VA and high balance mortgages. Essex Mortgage is looking for the best in America! We are looking for competent brokers, branch managers.

Revenue Prediction & Valuation

  • The current expected yearly income for Essex Mortgage is $56.6M.
  • I The expected revenue per employee at Essex Mortgage is $231,000

Employee Data

  • Essex Mortgage employs 245 people.
  • The number of employees at Essex Mortgage increased by 12% last year.

Make a payment for your Essex mortgage by creating an online account

This is yet another example of consumers using the internet to pay for an expanding number of services. It’s now simpler than ever to pay your mortgage if you have an account with Essex Mortgage Corporation since you can do it from the comfort of your home. Follow these steps to set up your Essex mortgage online account:

  • Open a web browser and select the My First Mortgage Login link.
  • Click the Register Your Account link by moving your pointer to the login tab on the right side of your screen.
  • Type the following information in: Votre dernier nom/ The social security number you have/ The address’s ZIP code
  • Select the Next option. Before sending you to the signup page, Essex typically needs further details about you. All of this is done to confirm that you have a mortgage account with Essex.
  • Finally, the social security number you have

Find My Loan by clicking the button

Create an Essex account. Following Essex’s confirmation that you are an authorized mortgage borrower, you can proceed to the registration process’ following phase, which is creating your account. You must enter the data below in order to create your account:

  • First and last names.
  • Your user name. You are free to select any username you want. Just make sure you keep track of it each time you access your account. You can add a few letters or words to make it your name.
  • Password. Enter a code between 8 and 11 digits to secure your account. Observe the guidelines: should combine capital and lowercase letters/ Additionally, it must contain special characters like #&$%
  • Make sure you’ve entered the correct password by typing it again.
  • Select one of the security questions and enter the appropriate response to assist you if you are unable to access your account.
  • By selecting the appropriate boxes, choose the alerts from Essex that you want to receive.
  • For a link to activate your account, check your email. Your account is available after you click the link.

How to login to Essex Mortgage?

Mortgage alerts will be sent to you by text message or email. The steps listed below should let you log into your online account with Essex mortgage:

  • To sign in, click the My First Mortgage icon.
  • Type the following information in: Your Login Name/Your Username.
  • Check the Remember my username box if you are using a mobile device. This makes sure that the next time you log in, it will be simple. Your login information won’t need to be entered again.
  • Check the box after reading the terms and conditions.
  • On the LOGIN button, click.

Alternatives for Paying Your Essex Mortgage

Making timely monthly mortgage payments is a challenge for many customers, but there are resources available to assist. You can ensure that your mortgage payments are current and made on time by making use of these choices. This enables you to prevent pricey fines, bad credit, and other issues.

Paid through Mail

Mortgage payments can be mailed in by clients of Essex. Send your check to: in order to choose this option.

Remittance Address:

  • Initial Mortgage:
  • P.O. Box 105178
  • Georgia 30348-5178 Atlanta

Overnight Location:

  • ATTN: Services for Lockbox 105178 in Essex
  • Atlanta Avenue, 3585
  • Atlanta, Georgia 30354-1705
  • Jumbo or second mortgage:
  • Attention: Cashiers
  • #112, 2100 SE 17th Street
  • 34471 Ocala, Florida

Mortgage Payment in Essex: Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions about the Essex mortgage.

When will I get my initial billing statement?

15 days or so before the deadline for completing your first installment, you’ll receive your first billing statement. The billing statement includes information on the transaction due date and the mailing address where you must send your payment to complete the transaction, in addition to the amount owed.

If you haven’t received your billing statement within a reasonable amount of time, call Essex mortgage services at 888-892-0881.

Can I modify or stop making my Essex mortgage payment online?

Paid bills that you have booked online and that display the Scheduled status can be canceled or modified. The company’s payments cannot be altered.

The payments that the business has designated as Pending or actually processed cannot be changed.

Do you have the choice to make a payment in excess of the Amount Due displayed on the screen?

Yes. A drop-down choice will appear in the Pay box; choose “Different Amount” from the list that follows. The amount you choose to pay can be entered in the box. When you click the “Pay” button, Essex will display the total you are paying as well as the amount you are paying when you receive the confirmation page.

Do customers of Essex mortgage services get a grace period?

If you are unable to pay your Essex mortgage bill when it is due, Essex will give you a 15-day grace period. There is no penalty for this time period for sending your chat: overdue balance