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Britam Health Solution In Tanzania | Britam

Britam Health Solution In Tanzania | Britam

Healthcare is particularly important for employers who want to motivate their staff and minimize absenteeism due to illness..

Britam Health offers a comprehensive, customizable hospitalization product for companies, affinity groups or NGO’s wishing to obtain affordable health cover for their staff or members. Crucial elements of health insurance policies are available with a wide range of benefit limits of up to Tzs.200, 000,000. Giving your team access to our network of private healthcare practitioners will minimize waiting times for treatment whilst providing quality services. This will go a long way to creating a motivated, highly engaged and productive workforce.

Britam Health is favored by more than 500 employers around the East Africa region, trusting us to take care of their employee healthcare needs while they focus on their core business. Through Britam Health, we ensure that as an employer you will not be stuck worrying about massive bills and can focus on helping your employee through their tough time with the best quality health treatments available.

Get Britam Health today and give your employees access to a comprehensive, flexible health insurance cover at competitive terms. For more information on this product click here to download the ‘Britam Health’ brochure or kindly contact us on: