Al Nassr Players Salary Wages & Team Totals 2023


Al Nassr Players Salary Wages & Team totals 2023

Al Nassr Players Salary | Wages & Team totals

Participant Title Weekly Wage Yearly Wage Place Nationality
Cristiano Ronaldo £200M £17 billion ST Portigual
Nordin Amrabat £54,000 £2,808,000 AM, ST Morocco
Abderrazak Hamedallah £48,000 £2,496,000 ST Morocco
Maicon £44,000 £2,288,000 D Brazil
Gonzalo Martínez £23,000 £1,196,000 M, AM Argentina
Brad Jones £23,000 £1,196,000 GK Australia
Abdulfattah Asiri £20,000 £1,040,000 AM Saudi Arabia
Petros £19,000 £988,000 DM, M Brazil
Abdullah Madu £19,000 £988,000 D Saudi Arabia
Kim Jin-Su £18,000 £936,000 D/WB South Korea
Abdulmajeed Al-Sulaiheem £18,000 £936,000 M Saudi Arabia
Abdulrahman Al-Obaid £18,000 £936,000 D/WB Saudi Arabia
Ayman Yahya £18,000 £936,000 AM Saudi Arabia
Firas Al-Buraikan £17,000 £884,000 ST Saudi Arabia
Abdullah Al-Khaibari £17,000 £884,000 DM, M Saudi Arabia
Abdulrahman Al-Dossari £16,000 £832,000 DM, M Saudi Arabia
Sultan Al-Ghanam £14,000 £728,000 D/M Saudi Arabia
Mukhtar Ali £14,000 £728,000 DM, M Saudi Arabia
Ali Lajami £14,000 £728,000 D Saudi Arabia
Yahya Al-Shehri £13,000 £676,000 M, AM Saudi Arabia
Khalid Al-Ghannam £12,000 £624,000 AM Saudi Arabia
Waleed Abdullah £12,000 £624,000 GK Saudi Arabia
Sami Al-Najai £11,000 £572,000 DM, M/AM Saudi Arabia
Abdulelah Al-Amri £9,500 £494,000 D Saudi Arabia
Ali Al-Hassan £9,500 £494,000 DM, M Saudi Arabia
Osama Al-Khalaf £7,800 £405,600 DM, M Saudi Arabia
Hamad Al-Mansour £7,200 £374,400 D, WB/M/AM Saudi Arabia
Raed Al-Ghamdi £6,700 £348,400 M Saudi Arabia
Mahmoud Samti £3,900 £202,800 D Saudi Arabia
Mohannad Mando £55 £2,860 AM Syria
Sultan Al-Ghannam £0 £0 D Saudi Arabia


In response to the data supplied by Mussalli Al Muammar, President of Al Nasr Soccer Membership, this contract will show to be extra than simply making historical past as it’s a contract that may see success in taking Al Asr membership to the very best stage.

Ronaldo additionally asserted the wage of Cristiano Ronaldo Al Nassar, the place Ronaldo stated that I’m very fortunate that I’ve now chosen to share my expertise in Asia, as a result of I’ve performed all of it.


Al Nassr Players Wage | Wages & Group totals He decided to win in European soccer. Others have received them. In that sequence, underneath the wage of Cristiano Ronaldo Al Nassar, he emphasized that he’ll now be part of his new teammates so that Membership Al Nassar is profitable at each step.

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