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apply for manaaki new zealand scholarship 2023-2024 fully funded

apply for manaaki new zealand scholarship 2023-2024 fully funded

apply for manaaki new zealand scholarship 2023-2024 fully funded;- Applications for the Manaaki New Zealand Scholarship are now being accepted.

For eligible residents of developing nations who wish to study abroad at a university or educational institution in New Zealand or the Pacific, New Zealand offers scholarships.

apply for manaaki new zealand scholarship 2023-2024 fully funded

Applications from scholars in qualified nations throughout the Pacific, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean are being accepted for study beginning in 2024.

Conditions for Eligibility

  • You must be 18 years of age or older when you start your scholarship in order to be eligible for Manaaki New Zealand Scholarship. 
  • This means that if you are 17 years old when you apply, you must wait until the start of your scholarship in semester one until you turn 18 years old.
  • Both the academic entry requirements and the English language requirements set by each educational institution must be satisfied by successful scholarship applicants.
  • Applicants for postgraduate scholarships and those who graduated from high school more than three years ago must have relevant work experience.
  • Work experience must meet the following requirements and can be paid, unpaid, or voluntary.
  • 30 hours or more per week of full-time work experience within the last year, OR
  • two years of prior part-time employment, or up to

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Financial assistance for academics
With full Manaaki New Zealand Scholarship, scholars studying in New Zealand receive:
  • comprehensive tuition. $531 NZD per week is provided as living allowance (stipend). 
  • scholar’s basic living expenses will be helped by this. 
  • Your stipend will be adjusted to account for the disparity in cost of living across countries if you start your study program online in your home country. $3,000 establishment grant. 
  • This is intended to assist with New Zealand setup costs. 
  • You could use it, as an illustration, to pay for textbooks, lodging, or other educational supplies.
  • In New Zealand, you should have medical insurance.
  • To help with the cost of additional tutoring while you are studying, if necessary, tutoring is provided up to value of NZ$1000.
  • journey within and outside of your own nation.  At the beginning of the trip, this is for domestic travel.
  • During your scholarship, go home. Studying abroad for more than 1.6 years entitles the student to return home to see family. 
  • Depending on how long your scholarship is, we typically allow for one or two trips. 
  • This is nevertheless constrained by border configurations and other limitations.
  • supervised confinement and quarantine (MIQ): 
  • When entering New Zealand, this is no longer necessary. 
  • If MIQ is required upon your return home and your home government does not already cover the cost, we will assist you in paying for it.
  • 1000 NZD reintegration allowance. This is to assist with the costs of setup when you return to your country of origin.
  • Many graduate students need assistance with the costs of their thesis and research.

Recommendations for Research Areas

  • Resilience and Climate Change – this will cover following are 

Start dates for scholarships

We are now looking for deferred students and those selected in 2022 to start their education in New Zealand from Semester 1, 2023 or later due to past border closures and visa limitations.
Your educational institution will collaborate with you to choose the earliest possible time for you to arrive in New Zealand and begin your studies. Your university will get in touch with you if the date of your studies changes in any way.

Eligible nations of Africa

Algeria, Angola, Botswana, Djibouti, Eswatini, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe

How to apply

Applicants for a Manaaki New Zealand Scholarship from eligible African nations can do so online at this link.